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2010: Changing of the Resident Guard

With two of our Chief residents gone (See Chief Residents Leaving The Nest) we are seeing a big shift among the residents with two new ones coming in this Fall.

Three of our residents are being bumped up to the position of Chief.  With this comes more glory yes, but also a lot more responsibility.  Our new Chiefs are seen at left (from left to right): Omar N Syed, MD; Robert Morgan Stuart,MD; and Andrew F Ducruet, MD.

We also have two new residents coming in.  They have completed medical school, are full fledged doctors but are now embarking on the hands-on training to make them neurosurgeons.  Our newcomers are seen below (from left to right) Robert McGovern, MD and Hani Malone, MD.

Welcome everyone and congratulations on your new positions!

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