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Bruce’s Research is Making News at Columbia

Dr. Jeffrey Bruce

Columbia’s College of Physician’s and Surgeon’s Newsroom has an article about Dr. Jeffrey Bruce‘s latest research on the treatment of brain tumors.

The article, Breaking a Barrier in Brain Cancer, has been receiving wide attention and has become one of the main stories they are circulating.

In the article, Dr. Bruce talks about his a recent clinical trial involving “convection enhanced delivery” of chemotherapy drugs in the treatment of brain tumors.

Traditionally difficult to treat, Dr. Bruce says, “It’s not that the drugs don’t work. It’s that you can’t get enough of the drug into the tumor where you need it.”

In his trial, Dr. Bruce’s was able to treat malignant gliomas in particular with the drug Topotecan using a new method of delivery.  His results have been very promising and it is no wonder the news is spreading.


You can learn more about Dr. Bruce’s research: in the article, Breaking a Barrier in Brain Cancer; in the following blogs, Bruce Presents Exciting New Brain Tumor Research At AANS and Dr. Bruce Invited To Speak At Cornell; as well as at the Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory‘s page.

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