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Bruce Presents Exciting New Brain Tumor Research at AANS

Dr. Jeffrey Bruce from the Brain Tumor Center was busy at this month’s 79th annual meeting of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

“I was involved in several symposia which allowed us to present some of the latest work we are doing at Columbia to advance the field,” Says Dr. Bruce.

He was active in five different sessions as: Speaker at a symposium about Maximizing Extent of Resection in Primary Brain Tumors; Moderator at a Scientific Session on Tumors; Moderator at the Joint Section Session on Tumors; Discussant on a Panel about the Prevalence and Natural History of Pineal Cysts in Adults; And Panelist for a discussion on the Spectrum of Adjuvant Therapy for Brain Tumors.

“The conference provided a good update on all of the newest developments in neurosurgery.” Says Dr. Bruce, ” I am completing my term as Chairman of the Tumor Section where we have been productive. The brain tumor field has been very active in trying to develop new treatments for patients.”

He spoke about his lab‘s recently completed convection enhanced delivery trial of topotecan. The trial, led by Dr. Bruce at the Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory is described as follows:

-a multidisciplinary NIH-funded Phase I trial for brain tumor patients using a novel strategy that delivers chemotherapy directly into the tumor. A chemotherapy drug, Topotecan, is slowly pumped into the tumor and surrounding brain tissue through catheters that have been stereotactically implanted. This strategy, known as convection enhanced delivery, significantly increases the amount of drug that enters the tumor and avoids systemic side effects since the drug remains only in the brain. Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory

The results of the trial showed, “Significant anti-tumor activity as described by radiographic changes and prolonged overall survival with minimal drug associated toxicity,” Says Dr. Bruce. They also extablished a maxiumum tolerated dose for future phase II studies.

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce and everyone at the Bartoli Brain Tumor Lab on the completion of this important trial!

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