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Dr. Anderson Featured in Columbia’s Nerve Newsletter

Dr. Richard Anderson in Nerve Newsletter

NerveNewsletterLogoThe terrific caricature at left is of Pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Anderson, created for a recent feature in the Nerve Newsletter.

Nerve Newsletter is a weekly publication by the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative (CTNI), a research group working out of Columbia’s uptown campus in Washington Heights. The Newsletter aims to build collaboration among scientists and health care providers in the Columbia community.

The article in volume 1, issue 34 last month, featured Dr. Anderson and his research efforts. Read the excerpt below:

On the translational research side, Dr. Anderson’s main focuses are brain tumor immunology and drug delivery using convection enhanced delivery. He works closely with his brother David Anderson (an immunologist specializing in the central nervous system) and the laboratories of Dr. Jeffrey Bruce and Dr. Peter Cannoll to try to understand and alter the immune system within the microenvironment of brain tumors.

Dr. Anderson is board certified in Pediatric Neurological Surgery, and he is an Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center. For family convenience, Dr. Anderson sees patients in multiple office locations including Manhattan, NY;  Ridgewood, NJ;  Paterson, NJ;  and Stamford, CT.

Learn more about Dr. Richard Anderson on his bio page here.

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