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A Place for Brain Surgeons to Debrief


CerebroComplicationsConfScience and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds in the last ten years and no where is this more true than in the field of cerebrovascular surgery.  This branch of neurosurgery deals with problems with the blood vessels that supply the brain.  New microsurgical and endovascular techniques have enabled these surgeons to help more people and to deal with increasingly complicated problems. New technologies, techniques, and tricks of the trade are fast evolving as each new complication is tackled.

Several years ago physicians, scientists and engineers at the top of this field had the brilliant idea to get together and talk about what they are learning from these complications. They called this meeting the Cerebrovascular Complications Conference (3C Meeting). Part of their mission statement was, “Through open dialogue, 3C hopes to enhance physician education, stimulate progress in the field of cerebrovascular surgery, and improve patient care.”

For this year’s annual 3C meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, our own Dr. Sean Lavine from the Endovascular Center was part of the planning team.  About this year’s conference he said, “The conference provided a unique opportunity for both traditional open vascular neurosurgeons and endovascular neurosurgeons to learn from the candid discussion of complications experienced by an international group of neuro-endovascular specialists of all levels of experience.” The conference lasted 3 full days and featured a multitude of case presentations as well as state of the art medical education methods like 3-D anatomy and surgical simulation.

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