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2018 ‘Top Doctor’ Points to Columbia Neurosurgeons

Searching for the right doctor can be stressful. You want only the very best when you have a brain or spinal condition that requires the care of an expert neurosurgeon. But scouring the internet and asking friends for recommendations can produce many options and no clear direction—a bit like hiking through the wilderness with no trail, map or compass to guide you.

That’s where Top Doctor guidebooks come in. Like a compass pointing a hiker in the right direction, Top Doctor guides point the way for patients seeking the best doctor. The guides are published annually by the research company Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. and serve as a source of the very best doctors nationally and regionally for each specialty.

The national guide is America’s Top Doctors, and the New York regional version is Top Doctors: New York Metro Area. There is also America’s Top Doctors for Cancer. A doctor can appear in more than one guide.

To compile the guides, Castle Connolly asks physicians to nominate the colleagues they feel are the most outstanding in their medical specialty. (Doctors cannot nominate themselves.) Nearly 100,000 physicians are nominated each year.

A physician-led team at Castle Connolly then whittles down the list by thoroughly vetting each nominee. The team evaluates their qualifications, accomplishments, training, education and much more, scrutinizing each detail to determine whether he or she is a Top Doctor. The nominees who make it through earn the Top Doctor honor.

Although Top Doctor recipients are voted by their peers as the best doctors, there are other excellent doctors not identified in the guides. A lack of Top Doctor recognition does not suggest a doctor is not talented. Top Doctor guides are instead intended to help patients on their journey as they search for the right doctor for them.

This year, many of our neurosurgeons at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital received the 2018 Top Doctor distinction and appear in at least one of three Top Doctor guides.

Columbia neurosurgeons listed in America’s Top Doctors for 2018:

Columbia neurosurgeons listed in America’s Top Doctors for Cancer for 2018:

Columbia neurosurgeons listed in Top Doctors: New York Metro Area for 2018:

Congratulations to all our 2018 Top Doctor recipients!

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