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Play Ball!

Drs. Solomon and Bruce at last year's Neuro Charity Softball Game
Department Chair Dr. Robert Solomon and Dr. Jeffrey Bruce at last year’s game

What are thirty-two teams of neurosurgeons doing in Central Park on May 30? The answer isn’t “incredibly complicated surgery”… it’s softball.

Charity softball.

The 12th annual Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament is coming up in just a couple weeks. The event raises money for neurosurgery research, and it is sponsored by the New York Yankees.

The tournament started as a friendly competition among four NYC-area neurosurgery departments. The friendliness and competition have stayed constant, but the event’s reach has expanded enormously. The thirty-two teams vying for the trophy this year include neurosurgery departments from top institutions across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Chest bump, charity softball style

Proceeds from the event go to the AANS Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation.

And that means everyone wins.

Mark your calendars for May 30! Whether you like to have fun on a Saturday, love benefiting a great cause, or just don’t get enough clapping and cheering in your daily life, come and help out our docs with that home field advantage.

Images from Neurosurgery Charity Softball Tournament. Used with permission.

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