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Gabriele Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory

The Gabriele Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory is part of Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and headed by Dr. Jeffrey Bruce and Dr. Peter Canoll. We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians dedicated to the care of patients with brain tumors, primarily glioblastoma (GB), the most common and aggressive malignant primary brain tumor. Members of our lab include associate research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, medical students, lab technicians, and neuroscientists from the Department of Neurological Surgery and neuropatholigists from the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology.

Our lab studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms of gliomagenesis, immune responses to brain tumors, and the development of therapies for brain tumor patients. In collaboration with the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center (HICCC) at Columbia University Medical Center, the Bartoli Brain Tumor Laboratory curates a repository of surgical specimens from brain tumor patients, including radiographically localized biopsies from tumor core and the surrounding infiltrated brain tissue. We have also generated a variety of genetically engineered mouse models that recapitulate the histological and molecular features of human glioma. We are using these resources, both in studies conducted in our laboratory and with our collaborators, to study basic mechanisms of disease and to explore novel approaches to treatment.

This laboratory was named in dedication to the gifted viola player Gabriele Bartoli, who died of brain cancer in 1997. Gabriele’s sister, world famous vocalist Cecilia Bartoli, who performed with him at various cancer research benefit concerts during his last months, dedicated these successful efforts to help fund brain tumor research in our Department of Neurological Surgery, leading to the opening and naming of this lab in November 1998.

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