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Third-Year Medical Students

Your week of neurological surgery is an educational opportunity that is provided by only about 10 percent of medical schools in this country. We want you to be exposed to neurosurgical problems, expand your knowledge about the nervous system, and enjoy yourselves.

The items covered are directed primarily to those of you who will become general practitioners, internists, pediatricians, etc., providing you with a basic knowledge of what a neurosurgeon can do for some of medicine’s most common problems, such as back pain and stroke. The purpose of the neurological surgery week is to acquaint you with neurosurgical problems and, in particular, to relate them to other fields of medicine.

During the five days, you will observe or assist in neurosurgical operations, meet with your preceptor attending daily at a designated time for discussion of various neurosurgical topics, see private patients in the attending’s office, attend Grand Rounds and other conferences, make rounds with the residents, and take one night of call.

Guy McKhann, MD.
Department of Neurological Surgery
Course Director

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