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About Nerve Lacerations

These injuries occur when a nerve is cut, for example by glass or metal during a car accident, or by a knife during a stabbing. Generally, nerves injured in this manner are repaired by suturing the severed ends back together as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Delayed repair makes this surgery more difficult.


Patient who sustained a stab wound to the face, lacerating the facial nerve.


Figure 2. Intraoperative, highly-magnified view of the severed ends of the cut facial nerve prior to repair. The asterisks mark the ends of the nerve.


Figure 3. Intraoperative, highly-magnified view of the facial nerve following suture repair.

Occasionally, nerve lacerations can occur accidently during surgery. As with other nerve lacerations, these are best repaired by a peripheral nerve surgeon as soon as possible after they occur.


Figure 4. Intraoperative, highly-magnified view of an obturator nerve in the abdomen that was cut during a hysterectomy, and immediately subjected to microsurgical suture repair.

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