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Clinical Programs


Pituitary Surgery Hospital service 

For patients undergoing surgery a Specialized Pituitary Surgery Hospital Team of physicians and nurses provide in-hospital and post-operative care, ensuring close follow up on discharge. In addition to hospital care by the Neurosurgery service, patients are seen routinely in the hospital and post-operatively by the Neuroendocrine Service. The team employs standardized, validated protocols for the management of peri-operative adrenal hormone replacement and monitoring of fluid balances, electrolytes and diabetes insipidus. The goals of this program are to ensure optimal care of Endocrine function while allowing for an early and safe hospital discharge.  Most patients return home after surgery on postoperative day 2, well below the US average of 5 days for pituitary surgery. Members of this team include Dr. John Ausiello (Neuroendocrine Unit), Dr. Gabrielle Page-Wilson (Neuroendocrine Unit), Meghan Smith NP and the Endocrinology Fellows of the Division of Endocrinology.


The Clinical Neuroendocrine Unit has provided comprehensive Endocrinologic care to patients with pituitary disease for over 20 years.  We treat patients with all types of Pituitary tumors including Nonfunctioning Pituitary Tumors, Acromegaly, Cushing’s Disease, Prolactinomas and other types of tumors in the region such as Craniopharyngiomas. We also care for patients with Hypopituitarism and other diseases that affect pituitary function. We work closely with Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuro-oncology and Radiation Oncology in the care of our patients. Patients interested in a Consultation or treatment or physicians interested in referring a patient should fax a cover letter and documents supporting their diagnosis to our Neuroendocrine Unit at 212-305-4815 or may call 212-305-2254. We limit our practice to patients with known hypothalamic-pituitary disease so that we may best care for patients with diseases within our expertise. We aim to provide a quick review of each case to determine eligibility for our Unit and rapid appointments. Our Neuroendocrine Unit is located at 180 Fort Washington Avenue, 9th floor, room 970, New York NY  10032.

A weekly, multi-disciplinary Neuroendocrine rounds is coordinated by our Neuroendocrine Unit physicians and attended by Neuroendocrine Unit physicians, Endocrinology fellows, Neurosurgery (Dr. Bruce) and Neuroradiology (Dr. Khandji), provides a forum for review of radiological studies and discussion of diagnostic and treatment plans, and integrates all team members into each patient’s care.

Radiation Oncology


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