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Appointment Process

If you have chronic pain and feel that you may benefit from an evaluation at the Neurosurgical Pain Center, please contact us at (212) 342-2776. You will then undergo a screening to help the Pain Center best assess who should perform the initial evaluation. Patients who have not yet undergone medical pain management may be referred to a pain management specialist to explore pharmacologic measures, noninvasive therapies, and perhaps other therapies first.

Patients who have already gone through pain management will then meet with Dr. Christopher Winfree for an evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to discuss your chronic pain problem, and how it may best be treated. The visit gives us the time to get to know you as a patient and for us to help educate you in the nature of your pain problem, expectations of outcome and potential therapies. In some cases, patients will wish to consider additional less invasive treatment strategies prior to undergoing surgery.  Some patients will be offered surgical treatment options at the Pain Center.

Patients who are referred to the Neurosurgical Pain Center for microvascular decompression will generally meet with Dr. Sameer Sheth for an evaluation.  Also, Dr. Sheth will generally see patients who are considering laser cingulotomy for the treatment of chronic pain that has proven to be resistant to pain management, neurostimulation, and infusion pump therapy.  He will evaluate your pain problem and assess whether you are well suited to these procedures.

We look forward to working with you at the Neurosurgical Pain Center to help you with your chronic pain condition.

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