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Post-Surgery Support

Always here for you

As you continue on your journey to health, there may be questions both complex and simple that arise following your initial post-operative appointments with your neurosurgeon. Our team remains available to you no matter what stage of recovery you are in, and someone is always able to help. You can reach your neurosurgeon’s office by calling the phone number located on their bio page or speak to your surgeon’s dedicated nurse for assistance. Once you are a Columbia Neurosurgery patient, you are always our top priority, even long after you’ve gone home.

Physical therapy

Depending on your individual case and needs, your neurosurgeon may recommend a course of physical therapy or additional therapy to aid in your recovery.

At our affiliated Spine Hospital at The Neurological Institute of New York, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality comprehensive care for our patients throughout the entire course of treatment. To this end, we offer physical therapy with our nationally recognized physical therapists. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our therapists’ leadership roles as educators, researchers and advanced clinicians.

When you embark on a course of physical therapy at The Spine Hospital at The Neurological Institute, you can anticipate one-on-one individualized treatment from our manually trained therapists. We will utilize all available modalities to control your pain, while we educate you on how to modify your activities to minimize painful symptoms.

Your neurosurgeon will discuss the potential need for physical therapy if it is necessary, depending on your individual needs.

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