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After your surgery, it may be necessary to have follow-up appointments with your surgeon to assess your postoperative progress. The timing of your follow-up appointment will depend on the type of surgery you had, so be sure to speak to your surgeon and their team to determine when you should schedule your follow-up.

  • Please call your neurosurgeon’s office to schedule a postoperative visit and update the nurse on how you are doing.
  • If you have sutures/staples, you should be seen 9 to 12 days after surgery; otherwise, you will be seen 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, unless otherwise instructed by your neurosurgeon.
  • It may be necessary to have have imaging tests done prior to your follow-up visit, so please schedule tests accordingly in order to have images ready by the time of your follow-up appointment.

For your visit, please proceed to your neurosurgeon’s office as you did for your initial visit and follow the same check-in procedure. At the time of your visit, your surgeon will evaluate your progress and discuss specific next steps with you.

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