The Center for Peripheral Nerve Surgery is a multidisciplinary center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of peripheral nerve problems. Our goal is to maximize function, minimize suffering, and help patients realize their full potential.

Dr. Winfree specializes in the neurosurgical management of peripheral nerve disorders. The peripheral nerves are important structures in the body that carry information from the brain and spinal cord out to the muscles to initiate movements and then also carry sensory information back from the extremities and other tissues to the spinal cord. There are variety of different disorders of the peripheral nerves including peripheral nerve injuries, nerve entrapments, nerve tumors, and other pathologies. Dr. Winfree performs peripheral nerve decompressions, peripheral nerve repairs, graft repairs, conduit repairs, nerve transfers, and nerve tumor removals.

If you have a peripheral nerve problem and wish to make an appointment to see Dr. Winfree, please call (212) 342-2776.

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The Center for Peripheral Nerve Surgery Team


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