Failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and facial pain are common examples of chronic pain conditions that may respond quite well to neurosurgical intervention. Spinal cord stimulation and implantable infusion pumps are powerful tools that pain neurosurgeons may use to ameliorate severe, chronic pain.

The Neurosurgical Pain Center team also has specialized expertise in the treatment and management of a range of other syndromes including anesthesia dolorosa, headache, hemicrania continua, intercostal neuralgia, low back pain, neck pain, occipital neuralgia, pelvic pain, postherpetic neuralgia, and trigeminal neuralgia.

Led by Dr. Christopher Winfree, the Neurosurgical Pain Center is a multidisciplinary entity. This allows professionals from diverse fields to bring their abilities to bear upon the needs of each individual patient. For example, many chronic pain conditions are actually caused by peripheral nerve injuries [Peripheral Nerve Center]. Thus, the combination of peripheral nerve and pain neurosurgical techniques allows for the optimal management of these disorders.

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