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Dr. Sameer Sheth Invited Speaker for American Museum of Natural History Series on Sports & the Brain

sackler-brain-bench-Great News! Dr. Sameer Sheth, neurosurgeon from the Epilepsy and Movement Disorders centers, will be an expert speaker and panelist at a fascinating new series at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), Your Brain in Action: The Neuroscience of Sports.

This five-part course, including live demonstrations, will run on Monday evenings from September 16, 2013 to October 21, 2013 at the Sackler Brain Bench in the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins. Register here.

“I think the course covers a very interesting niche at the intersection of neuroscience and popular culture,” says Dr. Sheth. “Exploring the amazing capacity of our brain in the context of sports makes the lessons tangible and interesting, with a clear application to our daily lives. The AMNH is a great venue for this course because it brings together people from a diversity of backgrounds with a shared interest in learning about the remarkable abilities of the human brain. Various aspects of the course will be more or less familiar to members of the audience, and the intimate setting will hopefully spark creative and thought-provoking discussion.”

Each session will feature a selection of guest speakers and expert panelists who will be discussing:

What happens in the brain when we watch and play sports? What is the impact of concussions, and how do our brains recover? From the psychology of sports fans to the cognitive benefits of team sports to understanding the impact of repetitive brain injury, this course will give participants a practical understanding of the latest research in the neuroscience of sports. Go beyond the headlines with experts and get hands-on experience in the lab with activities that dig into the latest scientific studies.–AMNH

Dr. Sheth will be there on September 30 to give a lecture titled, Playing: Look at what the amazing brain can do.  “My talk will be about rapid decision making,” says Dr. Sheth. “How the brain quickly processes stimuli (the speed of a baseball, for example) and speeds up or slows down to accommodate. When a professional baseball player takes practice swings with a pitching machine, his brain utilizes circuits that maximize efficiency and actually require relatively less conscious effort. Consequently, his mechanics are quite similar from swing to swing. However, when the same batter faces a major league pitcher, his brain is acutely tuned to judging the velocity, spin, and movement of the ball. These rapid measurements allow him to make micro-adjustments in his swing to accurately hit the ball. The ability to make such rapid calculations and adjustments is one of the remarkable abilities of our brains.”

Dr. Sheth specializes in the treatment of patients with Movement DisordersEpilepsyBrain TumorsTrigeminal NeuralgiaBrain Trauma, and certain Psychiatric Disorders.

Dr. Sheth trained in Neurological Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He received both his MD and PhD degrees at the UCLA School of Medicine after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Harvard University.

Dr. Sameer Sheth

He is a dynamic speaker that is sure to inspire the way you think about sports and the brain. We are all looking forward to hearing him speak at this exciting AMNH course, Your Brain in Action: The Neuroscience of Sports.

For a preview, check out the interview Dr. Sheth recently did with AMNH about his upcoming talk.

The registration deadline, 09/16/2013, is fast approaching so don’t wait. Sign up now!

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