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Dr. Dorothea Altschul Among Experts Urging for Higher Ratings Criteria for Stroke Centers


Anyone who has had a loved one suffer from a stroke knows how devastating it can be. They also know that getting good medical care quickly is essential. Fortunately for everyone, stroke treatment has advanced at an astonishing rate over the last decade, allowing more hospitals to treat stroke patients well and to establish themselves as stroke centers.

However, “Not all strokes and therefore, not all stroke centers are created equal,” says New Jersey affiliate, Dr. Dorothea Altschul, “Depending on the type of strokewhere you get treatment becomes very important. Some stroke centers are not equipped to deal with the more complicated cases.”

In an article on nj.comDr. Altschul is among a handful of stroke experts to weigh-in on the issue of higher standards to differentiate the level of care provided by stroke centers in New Jersey.

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