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5K Cancelled for Dr. Bruce & the Tumornators

For all of you who were planning to join us for The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA)‘s first annual New York City 5K run/walk this Saturday,  November 10, unfortunately due to the storm and severe flooding, the race has been cancelled.

This event was special to all of us here committed to the treatment of brain tumors, none more so than Dr. Jeffrey Bruce from the Brain Tumor Center.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Bruce officially joined the ABTA, but his relationship with them goes back even further. “After I completed my residency in 1990 and joined the faculty at Columbia, I was awarded a two year Brain Tumor Research Fellowship by the organization. I used that to start my Brain Tumor Research Laboratory here.”

Dr. Bruce maintained a close relationship with the ABTA after that by helping them write patient brochures, giving lectures at their family day symposia, and helping the patients they referred to him.

“This is an excellent, well-run organization,” says Dr. Bruce. “I am happy to volunteer my time to any organization that is trying to improve the treatment of brain tumors.”

In 2000, Dr. Bruce was invited to join the ABTA’s Scientific Advisory Council. Now he says, “I advise them on developments in the brain tumor field, help to identify new research investigators, and review grant proposals that they award.” He also helps them raise money.

To that end, Dr. Bruce and our team, the TUMORNATORS, were planning on taking part in the “Breakthrough for Brain Tumors” 5K run/walk this Saturday until the ABTA announced the race’s cancellation:

The ABTA’s foremost concern is for the health, safety and security of our event participants. In speaking with Hudson River Park officials, we were informed that due to significant storm damage and hazardous conditions, our event site, Pier 84, has been closed and will not re-open by November 10.

We are grateful for the support that you have all shown for this first-time event. Once the region has had a chance to more fully recover, we will host a special gathering in New York City to acknowledge all of our teams and your fundraising efforts on behalf of the ABTA.—The American Brain Tumor Association

Dr. Jeffrey Bruce
Dr. Jeffrey Bruce

As for the Tumornators…we’ll be back!

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